My Singing Monsters is One of the Best Games!

This is about my honest review about My Singing Monsters game. Few months ago, when I tried search and need much more information about tricks of my fav games, I found this game accidently. And here my honest review:

This game is cute! You get to breed, feed, collect coins, yada yada yada all the normal stuff… BUT they sing! They create sometimes different sounds on different islands, but the songs are epic if you have a ton of different monsters! If you need a friend in the game, my code is 1990397NF (BTW am I the only one to notice the islands are sleeping elves with horns?)

and here my brother’s said:

Fun game, inventive. I like the musical monsters and I keep wanting to add more to make the music more complex :) if you need a game friend & don’t do Facebook my game Id is 1891282FE
Note this is not really a town building game, the monsters are basically an excuse for the music.
Adding Note: You CAN breed every monster in the game without spending money. It can take some patience. See the “my singing monsters” wiki (search google), on the breeding page there is a chart that shows which combinations get you which monsters.

and what is the best way to get much more resources for this game freely. I found this way too, if you need it, it’s called my singing monsters hack tool. And this is the only one working tool at this moment.

Yes, I only tried this tool for few times but it’s really works for me and save me a lot. For all you guys My Singing Monsters fans or beginners try and get new experience with this. See .. ya …